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Choosing a Location

Your housing choices in Centre County are diverse and choosing a location that fits your lifestyle is an important step in the home-buying process. Luckily, your RE/MAX Centre Realty agents are here for you. We’ve put together some questions to consider when looking at different neighborhoods and make choosing your location a snap:


  • Are the homes and lawns well maintained?
  • Are there many visible property enhancements such as swimming pools, fences, decks, patios or extensive landscaping?
  • Are vehicles primarily parked in garages and driveways, or on the street?
  • Are emergency personnel stations close by?
  • How close is the nearest hospital?
  • What are the local ordinances on pets, parking, lawns, etc.?


You can find detailed information about Centre County schools here.

  • Which public, private, and charter schools are available to your location?
  • Are they equipped to handle special needs?
  • What is the teacher-per-student ratio?
  • How well do students perform on standardized test scores?
  • What after-school activities are offered?
  • What type of sports programs or clubs are offered?
  • What are the nearby colleges and technical schools? Are they public or private?
  • What percentage of graduating students go to college?

Lifestyle & Work

  • Are there supermarkets and drug stores nearby?
  • Are there gyms and fitness centers in the area?
  • Are there any malls or department stores?
  • Is there a central commercial district?
  • What kind of public transportation is available?

Recreation and Entertainment

We’ve got a ton of information about parks and recreation in Centre County! Be sure to consider:

  • Are there public parks, country clubs, and/or sports teams close by?
  • Will there be local festivals and concerts?
  • What forms of entertainment are offered?
  • What types of sporting facilities are available?

Community Involvement

  • Is there a Home Owner’s Association?
  • Will there be planned community activities?
  • Is there a PTA?
  • Is there a Neighborhood Watch program?

For more information, be sure to visit Our Community section to learn more about Centre County.