Feature Friday - Karen & Ashley Krupa

Feature Friday - Karen & Ashley Krupa

Karen Krupa, sometimes known as ‘KK’ or ‘K2’, has always loved renovating. She loves power tools and has become pretty good at laying tile. Years ago, she took one of the ‘What Color is your Rainbow’ tests and real estate was a direction that was suggested. That suggestion started her ‘That’s A Print’ business, which she owned for about 15 years, where she created brochures, color data sheets, and postcards featuring REALTORS® and their listings. Once color printers and color copiers became a staple in real estate offices, she decided she would try her hand at being a REALTOR®.

In her spare time, Karen enjoys socializing and golfing. The perfect combination for her is both, which is why she is heavily involved with golf leagues.

KK is married to Emidio, a great guy who loves to cook and willingly agrees to cook for a crowd anytime she asks. She and her husband raised 3 children, Emidio and Ashley who live in the State College area and Kasey, who lives in Louisville with her husband, John, and Karen’s grandson, Calvin.

Ashley Krupa, called affectionately by her last name, got into real estate by her mother’s encouragement. Karen is her role model with real estate, “and with life in general,” says Ashley. She feels their strongest tie in their partnership is that they are a mother-daughter team who understand the market as well as each other.

In her spare time, Ashley enjoys raising a German Shepherd mix named Lola and a cat named Chloe.

Because Karen and her daughter Ashley both have a love for the structure of homes, they believe that finding the right home is a personal experience and requires personal attention. That personal attention helps them find the best homes for their clients.

For more information about Karen and Ashley Krupa, or to find out how to contact them, visit statecollegehomes.com/agents/profile/karen-and-ashley-krupa. 

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Posted by on 05/05/2017