Feature Friday - Lassie MacDonald & Marcia Martsolf-Miller

Feature Friday - Lassie MacDonald & Marcia Martsolf-Miller

Lassie MacDonald& Marcia Martsolf-Miller are Realtors® at RE/MAX Centre Realty, and have their own special stories to tell about their adventures in real estate!

Lassie MacDonald

"Well, there isn't much to tell about me, real estate has been my life for 37 years.

In 1980, I was trying to get out from under two sport specialty shops. We were in a recession and many retail stores went out of business. One of my tennis clients suggested real estate, so I jumped from the frying pan into the fire. Interest rates for mortgages were 18% at the time. It was actually a good time to start into the business! You really had to learn and work hard. Nothing fell into your lap and it was a great teacher. 

If I had to describe my business, I would have to say I pretty much feel like a 'connector'. I do connect people to a home, but I also connect people. Many of my clients I have connected with other friends that I know they would enjoy, with whom their paths may never cross -- particularly the women I meet. I started a  'Girl's Night Out' almost 30 years ago. My home is open to these ladies every first Wednesday, and many have become such good friends they vacation together.

The most unique experience I ever had in real estate was with a young woman I sold a townhouse to who came here to get a PhD. She was single and 8 months pregnant, she didn't know anyone here very well but me. She asked me to go to her delivery with her, and wow! The Doc said to the nurse, 'You hold that leg, and Lassie you hold the other.' It was a wonderful experience. The only hard part was that the little guy waited until 3 am to come into this world!

Now I work with my daughter Marcia, who has been in the business for about 10 years. I do the fun part of the business and she does the hard part with contracts, inspections and all of the rest. I make friends and help them find their home. However, I make sure she gets to do some of the fun part too. I'm lucky she left her advertising career to join me!"

Marcia Martsolf-Miller

"Like my mother, Lassie said, I joined her about 10 years ago. My career in advertising has helped me market properties we list via the internet. 

 Lassie has always been known for her caring attitude towards our clients either buyers or sellers. I've been lucky that she has shared her vast knowledge of the real estate market with me over the years. I joke around and say she has had something to do with the sale of every fifth house on the block in State College...but as far fetched as it sounds, it's probably closer to the truth than not."

During their time with RE/MAX Centre Realty, Lassie & Marcia have received the following recognition:

PAR Excellence Club Life Member (Lassie)

RE/MAX Hall of Fame (Lassie)

RE/MAX 100% Club (Lassie & Marcia)

For more information about Lassie & Marcia, or to find out how to contact them, visit statecollegehomes.com/agents/profile/lassie-macdonald-and-marcia-martsolf-miller.

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Posted by on 06/09/2017