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Debbie Scitti

Debbie Scitti

Debbie Scitti

RE/MAX CENTRE REALTY 1375 Martin St. State College, PA 16803 Office Phone: 814-231-8200 ext. 323 Contact Phone: 814-777-2833 Email: debbie@debbiescitti.com
  1. Debbie was the very first realtor to contact us when we started looking into purchasing a house in Happy Valley. We decided it would be best for us to wait until next year to purchase a home. Debbie was not pushy in any way and gave us our space until we were ready. During our house hunting search, Debbie was always available, patient and ready to give her honest input when needed. We loved this. Our mortgage program was on the tricky side, but Debbie was willing to navigate through it like a pro. We knew we needed a fixer-upper, and Debbie was able to see the possibilities. When we finally found our home, the sellers needed to settle FAST. It was a whirlwind of back-and-forth negotiating! Debbie handled it was ease. We weren't sure if we'd find a house, let alone one that we liked. Now we're settling into our home and loving it! Debbie started as our realtor and is now someone our family considers a friend.

  2. Zac McDonald

    I have had the pleasure of knowing Debbie Scitti for several years. Debbie is an exceptional, respected individual in our community and was very helpful in listing and facilitating the sale of our property. She is upfront and honest, take initiative and did an excellent job of communicating details from start to finish. I would highly recommend her in the future.

  3. Margaret Reilly

    i have lived in a town house for many years! It was time to find a one floor home! Debbie Scitti came into my path! I share my dream with her well she lead me to my dream home this May! Excellent job in communicating details from start to finish! Her mentor ship was what I needed the most. Thank you! Now that I am a homeowner I plan to encourage all of my friends to seek Debbie whenever they plan to purchase or sell property! My old home sold in one day! So call Debbie Scitti today and start PACKING!

  4. Sarah Sternby

    Debbie successfully helped us purchase a home about a month ago in Bald Eagle State Park area. During our first interaction, Debbie was able to add me to a mailing list from which I received homes in my locations of interest that were priced in a reasonable range for our family. She also personally suggested homes to me. I made a list of 3 homes I was interested in possibly pursuing and, within the next two days, we had out boots on the ground checking them out. Not only was Debbie quick to respond to our needs, she also took calls/texts at all hours of the day to accommodate my work schedule. She moved everything along quickly and made sure that we were getting necessary repairs for our home as well as a good price. I would recommend Debbie and would use her again in the future if needed.

  5. Jim & Jeia Forsyth

    My husband and I recently purchased our very first home, Debbie Scitti was our realtor and at the end of this process, I'm fortunate to call her our friend. Debbie's professionalism, knowledge, honesty and ability to listen, are much respected and appreciated. Above all Debbie's mentor hip and guidance through the process was always at the forefront and what we needed most. We never felt that she was just trying to sell us a house, but that she was a mentor to answer our questions and help us to make the best decision for our family. I am forever grateful to Debbie for ushering us through the process from start to finish. Now that we are homeowners, we plan to encourage all of our friends to seek Debbie whenever they plan to purchase or sell property!